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Compression Boots

Hammer House now offers Normatec compression boots allowing you to experience the recovery and performance benefits of compression therapy in a convenient and efficient 30-minute session.

Normatec is a pulsating pneumatic compression system which inflates one chamber after another to squeeze and work up the legs. Once you take off the boots you will experience a pleasant light weightless feeling through the legs. Originally founded as a medical device to prevent blood clots the technology has now been developed to improve blood flow and speed up the recovery process.

Compression boots offer numerous benefits, particularly post-training. They help improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness, decrease swelling and inflammation, enhance recovery, encourage lymphatic drainage, prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), increase flexibility and range of motion, and provide convenience and ease of use. Being non-invasive and drug-free, they are a safe and effective recovery method.

normatec compression boots

Post-Training Benefits:

  • • Accelerated Muscle Recovery: Using compression boots after training can help speed up muscle recovery by promoting faster removal of metabolic waste products like lactic acid.
  • • Treats DOMS Delayed muscle soreness or “stiffness” following a heavy weights session.
  • • Reduced Muscle Fatigue: Regular use can decrease muscle fatigue, enabling you to maintain a higher level of performance in subsequent training sessions.
  • • Prevention of Muscle Tightness: Compression therapy can increase range of motion and flexibility.


Use of compression boots is safe for most people however do not use the boots if you experience the following:

  • • Acute pulmonary edema
  • • Acute thrombosis
  • • Low blood pressure
  • • Acute congestive heart failure
  • • Deep vein thrombosis
  • • Wounds, lesions, or tumours on the legs.
  • • Bone fractures, dislocations or post ankle, knee or hip surgery.

If you have any other medical condition please speak to your physician before using compression boots.



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